I have passed more than 1,000 stones in the last month alone!  You have to do what is right for your body.  I suggest eating a zero fat breakfast and lunch and follow the flush program to the letter. 

This remedy really works.  Do what is best for your health!

- Chris F.
User of the information from my Gallstone Removal Report


This fail-safe method of removing gallstones worked for me! And I now have a green gallstone preserved as proof.

It's so simple that surgery seems criminal, especially considering you may be minus a gallbladder!

- Chris G.
User of the information from my Gallstone Removal Report


A while back my wife had a serious gallstone attack.  The doctors thought her gallstone would have to be removed.  The physicians said surgery and medicine were the best ways to remove gallstones, though ultrasound could be used too.  The doctor didn't really seem to know what he was talking about though&hellspi; he mixed up statistics and seemed confused about the benefits of surgery.  He actually told us that ultrasound would 'explode' the gallstones.  He next said that it was ok to eat fatty food!  Surgery was way too drastic and an expensive option as well. 

Instead, we found your information and decided to change our lifestyle.  We started adopting some healthy eating habits that have improved our life forever! 

These alternative remedies work, and I strongly recommend that patients use them no matter what their doctors say.  I feel like we dodged a serious bullet. 

Thank goodness we didn't take our physicians advice!

- J. & K. Miller
User of the information from my Gallstone Removal Report


These remedies really worked!

I am so surprised.  I am 60 and quite skeptical. 

A much better option than surgery however!

- Helen R.
User of the information from my Gallstone Removal Report


I just did the cleansing this weekend. I feel great! I can't say that drinking the stuff was the most pleasant experience in the world but it did work and for me it worked immediately. I started passing stones right away. I passed anywhere from 3 to 10 each time I'd go to the bathroom so all together I'd say that I passed at least 25 stones if not more. From here on out, it is healthier eating for me and my family. I will no longer take advantage of what the good Lord gave me.

I'd highly recommend this procedure for anyone looking for an alternative to surgery. Thank you, it truly is a blessing.

User of the information from my Gallstone Removal Report


I tried your gall bladder cleanse this weekend. I experienced an elimination of over a hundred stones varying in size from very small to some that were as large as a robin's egg. The color was mostly black, especially the larger ones, but there were some that were light green or greenish-yellow as well.

I am looking forward to experiencing the improvement in my health as a result. I have noticed that the cramping sensations that I experienced in my stomach haven't occurred after eating as they usually do. I've also noticed that the pain I have on my right side has been reduced.

I plan to do this again in a couple of weeks and incorporate it as a regular routine. Even if these weren't gall stones, they were obviously something that should be removed from the body.

- Dan B.
User of the information from my Gallstone Removal Report


I tried the treatment and I must say, it works!!! Immediately after 6 hours of passing Gall Stones, I felt like a new man. I feel like dancing. Gone are the back aches, groggy feeling, listlessness, and being tired all the time. I feel like I have added years to my life and want to attest to this treatment. A bit discomforting but well worth it over having an operation to remove the gall bladder. Understanding how our organs work and inter-relate to one another helps to understand the uniqueness of each organ and how they each have a role in maintaining our bodies. We just shouldn't remove our organs just because there is a malfunction or problem ... like a car, if it starts to miss, and run badly, you don't remove the engine, you find the cause and it sometimes only means a minor tune-up. I firmly believe as most do, that most doctors are not up on treating health problems but need to be educated more in herbal remedies, and alternate medical treatments.

My sister was leery over the treatment because some said that it may cause a blockage and I would end up in hospital to remove it. I told her "well, if that's so, I have nothing to worry about...if it doesn't work, I will still end up having an operation to remove my Gall Bladder (recommended by my doctor). If it doesn't work, I gain !!! right?

Just needed to pass this on to you and thank you for the information.

- Robert S.
User of the information from my Gallstone Removal Report